RGD Design Thinkers 2023 Key Takeaways

Our Creative Director, Gillian, and our Art Director, Deisys, recently traveled to Toronto for the 2023 RGD DesignThinkers Conference. There, they attended talks and workshops, engaged in conversations, networked with other creatives, and immersed themselves in all things design. Gillian and Deisys returned home inspired and eager to share their conference learnings, which we’ve compiled below.  

Deisys’ Insights:  

“There are no more boundaries between experience, advertising, and content design.” 

These only feed the emotional connection we create to get the “new currency: Attention.” 

“AI is propelling a new generation of creators.” 

With this new tool, we can build and test content more efficiently. AI is not going to replace designers – designers who are learning how to use it are! 

“Embrace your uniqueness.” 

We’re surrounded by information that can easily affect how we see the world. As designers, we have the power to curate and be truthful to ourselves to stand out in a crowd of noisy visual stimulation. 

Gillian’s Insights:  

“Accessibility in design is incredibly important, it means to be inclusive to all who interact with your design.” 

It’s not just about legibility, but how people understand and navigate your design. More than simply accessibility compliance, understanding and designing for accessibility improves people’s quality of life, it allows organizations to deliver superior products and be competitive in their service. 

“Creativity and curiosity are disciplines, and the relationship between both is symbiotic.” 

Curiosity leads us to ideas and experiences, and those then lead us to experience our creativity. By staying curious and engaged, our imagination is manifested, and we can push our creativity further. My new motto: STAY CURIOUS. 

“AI is becoming a powerful tool that is going to open doors to enhanced creativity, efficient and fast workflows, and meaningful thought starters.” 

Rather than being scared and distrusting of AI, we will embrace it as a tool, as an ally, and as a playground. It’s a place to experiment to understand all the possibilities for our industry – similarly with all new tools in the creative profession, like the introduction of computers, the use of the internet, and the creation of social media. 

Our recent journey to the 2023 RGD DesignThinkers Conference proved to be an insightful experience for our team. Their learnings reflect not only the current state of the design industry but also its future trajectory; staying curious, embracing new technologies, and fostering inclusivity are the keys to propelling the design industry forward. 

Written by Kaelyn Merrithew