Social Media Shifts: Instagram Notes Edition

Recently, Instagram surprised us all and launched a new feature called Instagram Notes. In a wave of nostalgia, IG notes are giving us early 2000’s vibes – comparable to MSN or Facebook statuses.  

This new feature allows users to create short (60 character) text updates. Identical to Instagram stories, this post will appear for just 24 hours before disappearing. Haven’t seen any Notes yet? Check your Instagram Messages/DMs and any Notes will be hanging out at the top from accounts you follow. 

Having the notes viewable in your Instagram DMs encourages users to message with their followers more frequently and offers an alternative for quick direct messaging.  

“It’s a neat opportunity for more personality and casual communications on Instagram,” says Ken, Digital Strategist at Ginger. “With the rise of TikTok over the last few years, companies have started moving towards a more relaxed and personable approach to their social media content and I think Notes fits right into this approach.” 

“With the growing popularity of apps like BeReal, and the posting ‘photo dumps’ fad, users are embracing the organic approach – eliminating the process of overanalyzing, adding filters or curating content.” says Adri, Manager of Digital Services. 

A new social media strategy  

Instagram’s strategy over the past few years has been focused on visual content with the push for reels, full-screen home page updates, and short video entertainment. 

Responding to social trends quickly, businesses can lean into the new Notes feature, spitting out quick announcements – for their hours, daily specials or sales. It also offers a solution for posting at peak times. 

In addition, the location of the Notes offers a more direct line to users than other short-term placements such as stories. 

“It’s an attractive tool to add elements of surprise and spontaneity into your social media strategy and will help keep your audience compelled and interested in your content.” says Adri. 

Will this be added to the list of IG paid media ad placements? Only time will tell. It could offer a potential for retargeting meaningful touchpoints with your audience. 

Written by ginger_editor