Celebrating International Women’s Day at The Ginger Agency

International Women's Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re spending the week celebrating all the wonderful women on our team—and beyond!

Yes We Can!

At The Ginger Agency, 75% our leadership team are women with various cultural backgrounds. The gender and cultural diversity at Ginger has helped us craft a well-rounded team with multiple perspectives. 

We are fortunate to work in an environment where equality exists and creative leadership can flourish. Working in a marketing agency requires constant pivoting and quick thinking. Luckily, our team is made up of many talented leaders, making it possible for us to support each other and navigate challenges with greater ease.

Here’s what Ginger’s employees think about female leadership and how they’re empowered by it.


“‘Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.’ I am grateful everyday to be surrounded by kind, smart, funny, diverse and creative women in my life. I am blessed with colleagues/friends who inspire, encourage and lift me up daily. When you have determination, support and an incredible team around you, anything is possible and the sky is the limit to what we can achieve together!”


“In order to be a great leader, you need to first understand what your strengths are as a person and lean into that. For me, it’s empathy and connection. If you can connect well with your colleagues and have a greater understanding for the needs of those around you, it gives you the ability to unlock success and creativity. Regardless of gender, leaders should set an example and work toward paving a smoother road for the ones to follow. This will create a domino effect that makes us better, wiser and happier. I am happy to report that the bold and brilliant women (and men) at the Ginger Agency encompass this mindset.”


“International Women’s Day is a celebration of our strength, dedication, and power. It’s also a reminder for us to keep breaking down barriers and pushing forward. IWD celebrates our uniqueness and encourages our ability to achieve anything we want in life. Together, we are working towards breaking the chains of conformity, the stereotypes, and the expectations placed on women. Everyday we are proving our strength and showing off our superpowers, this will continue to lead us places we once never imagined.

As the creative director for Ginger, I feel lucky to be a part of the 12% of women doing this in the world. I am empowered by bringing ideas and creativity to life for our clients. Above all, I hope that someday, women will dominate this industry.”


“I’m so happy to celebrate the brilliantly talented women at Ginger and the impact they’ve had in my life. These ladies bring so many things to the table, with an emphasis on creativity, acceptance and power of voice. Having incredible leaders in the workplace creates a ripple effect that impacts our surroundings and our valued clients. It’s humbling to stand beside these women who continue to strengthen and reaffirm our purpose in this industry.”


“At Ginger, I feel empowered by the trust and confidence my team has in me to create meaningful content for our brand and our clients. In addition to that, I feel valued when providing my input and help with our teams projects. Working in a collaborative environment where everyone’s different leadership styles are accredited helps contribute to IWD and feminism as a whole. Ginger’s inclusiveness is truly a place where the women on our team can learn, grow and thrive!”


“One of my favourite quotes is ‘Empowered women empower women’. International Women’s day is our reminder of how far we have come in society, the workplace and at home. One of the things I love most about working for Ginger is being surrounded by so many strong women who embody the positive changes women have fought for in the past. The encouragement and support from the team is unmatched – both professionally and personally and I feel so grateful to be a part of an amazing team!”


Now, only 12% of creative directors are women. Soon, creative leadership will be 50% directed by us for everyone. Women, we are just getting started!”


I have noticed that leadership is becoming more and more human, especially in this last decade. A leader is no longer just the one who generates pleasant working conditions, with motivation and enthusiasm. A leader is now expected to incorporate the values and principles of societal norms that are evolving towards social equality. Being a designer for Ginger has encouraged my creativity and self expression through my designs. This empowerment contributes to my motivation and the effort I put into my work. As a woman, I hope that these conditions are present in every place I practice my profession. Furthermore, I hope that someday these conditions will be universal.”


“The team empowers me to be both a freethinker and a collaborator. That way we produce consistently killer content.”

Empowering Women in the Workplace and Beyond

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “an equal world is an enabled world.” By empowering women at The Ginger Agency, we truly hope we’re contributing to a more gender equal, enabled world.

We strive to recognize and celebrate women, not just on special days like these. With such a dominant female team, every day feels like International Women’s Day in our office!

Team Ginger is excited to be attending the IWD 2020: Women’s Leadership Panel Luncheon in hopes to share and learn from the women in our community!


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Written by Nina Nicholson