Wellness at Work: Ginger’s Commitment to Workplace Wellness

Hello, 2020. January is here and that means it’s the time of year where we all start to think about our health & wellness goals. I have been integrating myself into our marketing agency’s culture for the past few months now. It is very clear to me that I am part of a team that places a high value on wellness in the workplace. Though we like to keep up with most trends at Ginger, the overly glamorized hustle/burnout culture isn’t one of them. We work hard, we play hard, and take the time to look after ourselves. There’s a common interest in wellness shared among our team, which encourages good mental and physical health on everyone’s behalf. 

Finding balance and flexibility 

Living in a society where people are expected to be hustling 24/7, people’s work life starts to take priority over their personal life. Though work can get hectic, work-life balance seems to be something that is highly encouraged among our team. Accountability plays a major role in keeping up with this balance. It doesn’t go unnoticed when people are overworking themselves here. In order to maintain balance, and sanity for that matter, proper breaks throughout the day and standard working hours are urged. Additionally, suddenly getting sick, working remotely or having a midday appointment are all things that Ginger works around and accommodates to. There is so much thrown at us day to day, it’s important to be able to take things in stride and adapt. We’re not afraid to hustle, but when we do, we have each other’s backs.

Who says your office space can’t feel like home

Feeling comfort in the place we spend a significant amount of time is an important aspect of wellness at Ginger. It makes a difference walking in to a bright and inviting space. Having multiple comfortable areas to work around the office has greatly improved my productivity. Our sound-proof pod ensures a spot for concentration and privacy, while the rest of the open concept allows for open communication between the team. If not at my desk, you can usually find me working on the couch. It’s the ultimate spot to soak up the afternoon sun! 

Nina chilling on the couch enjoying the afternoon sun.

I asked some members of Team Ginger what wellness means for them, here’s what they had to say!


I appreciate walking into work every morning feeling safe in my environment. This is a huge aspect of wellness for me, it gives me peace of mind. I feel comfortable going to anyone here with issues or concerns. I wouldn’t feel doubted if I were to ask for a break or time off. It’s reassuring to me that my team members are confident and supportive of my actions and decisions, work-related or not. I spend a considerable amount of time at the Ginger office, so another important aspect of my wellness comes down to ergonomics. I appreciate going to work knowing I am set up comfortably and with the tools I need in order to succeed in my job. Both my team and my space are important contributors to my wellness. 

Team Ginger participating in Walk for the Homeless


Wellness has a cascading effect on everything in my life. It’s important for me to check all the boxes so that I can perform best in both my work and personal life. Fitting working out into my routine throughout the week has a huge impact on stress management. At Ginger, we dedicate time each week for team workouts. It has proven to be a great team building and bonding experience. I see a benefit in getting our team out of the office and spending time in different environments throughout the day. It helps keep us healthy and productive. Check out Team Ginger and friends at Modo Yoga!

Team Ginger doing Yoga


A happy and healthy work environment is a top priority for me and my wellness. It’s important that I feel confident in the space I spend so much time in. At Ginger, we all contribute to a productive environment where we can do our work, while maintaining a balance of happiness and health. Going to Sweat Club as a team promotes the fitness side of health. On the other side, we are provided with ample opportunity to take care of our mental health. Whether it be 10 minutes of meditation, a coffee break, or access to resources, we are taken care of. Working with a group of like-minded and encouraging people has greatly contributed to the culture at Ginger and the wellness of our team!

Team Ginger at SweatClub


It has been a positive experience working in such an engaging and healthy environment at The Ginger Agency. Having well rounded mental and physical health is something that shouldn’t be compromised in your work or personal life. Working with a team of people who are supportive and encouraging of each other’s wellness has been transformative. The beginning of a new decade is upon us and now is the perfect time for Team Ginger to embrace all things wellness in 2020!

Written by Nina Nicholson