6 Things to do in Fredericton, According to #teamginger

6 Things To Do In Fredericton

We asked a few members of our team to share what they are into right meow:

There is a reason our team loves Fredericton. There is also a reason members of our team have traveled from far away lands to be a part of our city. While it is the people of Fredericton that make our city great, there is still something to be said about all the fun things you can do here. As I am sure Fredericton Tourism would agree! Without further ado, here is our list:


Andrew Bedford – Laser Tag 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, the words laser tag and cool don’t usually go hand in hand, but I promise you’ll have fun! I hadn’t played laser tag since I was a kid. After recently playing with the Ginger team during a work outing to Kingswood Park, I definitely won’t go that long again. I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had! It was exciting, challenging and a great workout. I can’t wait to go back and play again.

Ginger agency at laser tag


Kerry Wells – Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival 

Some people may think of the coloured leaves or back to school season when they think of fall. When September rolls around, all I can think about is Harvest. The city of Fredericton truly comes alive during Harvest season, and so do I. The combination of Fredericton, music, art, food, people and culture has created my deep fondness and passion for the festival. So much so that I’ve taken my Harvest appreciation to the next level in the past fifteen years from being in the festival crowd, to now being the festival Chair. The fact that we have been able to attract artists like Robert Plant is not only rewarding for me, but a success for Fredericton. I am counting down the days until Harvest 2020!

Robert Plant at the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival


Hilliary Baird – Walking Trails

Owning two high energy dogs has made me a trailblazer in Fredericton these days. I am thankful to live in a city that has so many to choose from. The Saint John River is a cherished backdrop for my dogs and I. The riverfront trail on the south side, which attaches to the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, has become my favourite route. I’m sure many people can agree with me on that one! The walking bridge gives you a nice snapshot of both the north and south sides. The view couldn’t get much better, especially when the leaves reach their peak colour in the fall. If you’re looking for me, hit the trails!

Fredericton Bill Thorpe walking bridge


Susana Rojas – 11th mile

I have become a regular customer at the very first place I visited when I moved to Fredericton, the 11th Mile. It also helps that my office is now just down the street. However, that doesn’t take away from the amazing atmosphere, customer service and food the restaurant has to offer. Every time I go in, it’s like the staff have known me forever. The interaction is so warm and inviting and one of the main reasons I keep going back. My favourite thing on the menu has to be the scallion pancakes. If you visit 11th Mile, there is a good chance you will find me there too!

11th mile restaurant in Fredericton


Adriana Spragg – Boyce Farmers Market

Arguably one of the best parts of Fredericton that I can always rely on being open, no matter the rain, snow or shine is the Boyce Farmer’s Market. I’ve made countless Saturday morning trips to the market in both the dead of winter and on the hottest days of summer. I can’t resist! It would be hard to choose my favourite vendors. You can usually catch me leaving with a fruit smoothie from Dalton’s, samosas and a honey garlic sausage from Kurt’s. The market is surely the best way to start your weekend.

Meghan Morrison at the Boyce Famers Market  


Nina Nicholson – Picaroons Roundhouse

I consider myself a craft beer connoisseur and take advantage of Fredericton being the hub of craft beer in our province. You can usually find me at the Picaroons Roundhouse on the north side of the river. It is conveniently located just across from the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge. Not only is it because they have two of my favourite beers, Dooryard Summer Ale and Melon Head Pale Ale, but because of the spacious atmosphere. I love that my friends and I can all go and hangout there so comfortably. Picaroons pulled off hosting viewing parties, both indoors and outdoors, during the Toronto Raptors championship series this summer. Talk about a huge crowd. Not to mention the array of Fredericton’s best food trucks in their courtyard all summer. Fredericton has so many amazing craft breweries, but Picaroons is my favourite.

Picaroons Roundhouse


As you can probably tell, we love Fredericton. Thank you for reading and we hope this article inspires you to try something new!

Written by Nina Nicholson