Ginger’s Hilliary Baird announced as member of prestigious 2iC program within the Wallace McCain Institute at UNB

Hilliary Baird - Director of Client Services

The Ginger Agency is happy to announce that another member of the Ginger team will be joining the Wallace McCain Institute (WMI) family. Hilliary Baird will be taking part in the ninth cohort of Second-in-Command (2iC), an intensive leadership program.

Participants in 2iC engage in numerous gatherings over the course of the year aimed at building member’s business and leadership skills. The Institute provides a challenging and unique environment in which experiences and best practices are shared to harness the power and knowledge of the entrepreneurs and professionals across a number of fields. As well as delivering an abundance of resources to those selected for the programs.

As Baird begins the 2iC program, she’s both excited and motivated by this investment in her personal and professional journey.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the WMI family and am looking forward to the next nine months,” said Hilliary Baird. “I want to help Ginger grow. I believe in the company and I believe in our employees capabilities. They’re all rockstars.”

Since joining Ginger, Baird has stood out as a creative and organizational leader with an ambitious mindset and the skills necessary to execute on projects of all sizes, for clients spanning all sectors. As the Manager of Client Services, Baird is responsible for overseeing and managing every aspect of every project that comes through Ginger’s doors.

Andrew Bedford, CEO of The Ginger Agency graduated from the Wallace McCain Institute Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (ELP). Bedford is proud to have Baird join this prestigious program. The CEO and the second-in-command share a camaraderie that has sparked meaningful organizational and behavioural shifts within the company, leading to the development of the business and its culture as a whole. Both look forward to continuing this trajectory of consistent improvement and growth.


Written by Adriana Spragg