Our CEO, Andrew Bedford, accepted to the Wallace McCain Institute

10th ELP cohort - Wallace McCain Institute

We are proud to announce that our Founder and CEO, Andrew Bedford, has been accepted into the 10th Cohort of the Entrepreneurial Leaders Program (ELP) at the Wallace McCain Institute (WMI) at the University of New Brunswick.

“The Wallace McCain Institute at UNB runs programs for high-growth potential entrepreneurs to give them what they need to succeed. Because of this, WMI focuses on entrepreneurs that are at a crossroads in their life & company. The program surrounds them with experiences to inform their gut and push beyond where they ever thought they could go. Therefore, we focus on building business judgment rather than teaching text book skills. The flagship program (ELP) is so impactful that after the year is over, 99% of the entrepreneurs completing it commit to meeting quarterly for the rest of their lives.”

Nancy Mathis – Executive Director of the Wallace McCain Institute


History of the Wallace McCain Institute

The Wallace McCain Institute and the ELP program were conceived by the institute’s namesake, Wallace McCain. Wallace McCain was the co-founder of the global food giant, McCain Foods Limited. As a result of his experiences, he understood that the Atlantic region needed a program to champion entrepreneurial growth. Therefore, a program outside of traditional academics was created. He believed that this program would have the ability to impact the region in terms of positive economic growth.

Ten years later, over 150 CEOs representing nearly $1 billion CAD in annual revenues have come through the program. As a result, these CEOs are pushing themselves and their companies to grow beyond what they thought was possible.

“I’ve spent the last 8 years working hard to grow our business, myself as an entrepreneur and a leader. As a result, being accepted into this prestigious program is certainly one of my proudest achievements. The Wallace McCain Institute has always been a guiding light for me, as the requirements for admission are so high. Consequently, I’ve been throwing my name into the ring for this program since my early days in business and to be able to say I’ve made the cut is incredible. Because of this program, I look forward to continuing to push myself to be a stronger leader and to do my part to create jobs and to grow the economy here in Atlantic Canada.”

Andrew Bedford: Founder & CEO, The Ginger Agency.


The ELP 10 Cohort at a Glance:

Andrew joins the ranks of many impressive Atlantic CEOs in the ELP program. His ELP cohort is made up of many notable businesses from across the region, including:

John McNair – Outdoor Elements
Daniel Smith – Postech
Matthew Joyce – JTR Dumpster Services
John Dunphy – Target Tours
Bob Mills – Accomplice Content Supply Co.
Blair Hyslop – Mrs. Dunster’s
Jordan Kyriakidis – QRA Corp.
Ginette Ahier – Adorable Chocolat Inc.
Robert Gale – Rothesay Capital Partners
Dallas Mercer – Dallas Mercer Consulting Inc.
Dave Rafuse – Blended Athletics
Heidi Eaton – Argus Hearing Centre
Adam Clawson – Red Rover Brewing Company Ltd.
Andrew Bedford – Ginger Design Inc.
Serge Arsenault – Goguen Monuments
Mark Wood – Ocean Sonics
Clement Nadeau – Evasion Air
Brian Vallis – Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca
Jamie Seamans – Garage Kings
Scott Kennedy – Kennedy Metal Products
Andrew Lovell – River View Orchards
Mitch Cobb – Upstreet Craft Brewing
Matthew Stockford – Stockford Reefer Services
Joel Albert – NorthTaste Flavourings Inc.
Brian Schryer – Kent & White Insurance
Darren Cousins – Twin Shores Camping Area
John Kimmel – RevlQ
Marc Albert – DPL



Check out this article from the Huddle announcing the new ELP10 cohort.

Andrew and the team at Ginger will continue working hard to push the boundaries of performance-based digital marketing, branding, web and design. Contact us today to discuss your next project.






Written by Adriana Spragg