SABIAN Cymbals

Marketing Support

Client: SABIAN Cymbals

Challenge: Create mass awareness for SABIAN’s first new series in five years, positioning it as an innovative and accessible line for all drummers, from those on the world’s biggest stages to those practicing in their basements at home.    

Solution: Position STRATUS as a revolutionary addition to SABIAN’s product lineup, showcasing its sound innovation and reinforcing company’s industry leadership. 

Collaborating closely with our SABIAN colleagues, Ginger crafted a compelling brand narrative that ensured STRATUS resonated with the values of versatility and accessibility, effectively engaging a diverse audience of drummers.   

Launch tactics included an in-person event at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), where key SABIAN personnel and endorsed artists gathered to help make a memorable announcement. This created incredible buzz around the new launch while also making these stars and industry giants accessible to drumming fans and the general public, which further supported the series’ positioning.   

At the same time, a cinematic video launched the new series digitally, with dealers and partners worldwide amplifying the launch. These efforts were further supplemented by a massive influencer campaign targeting drummers and gear review influencers with large followings. 



Impact: By working with Ginger to maximize the series positioning and release plan, SABIAN strategically launched their first new series in five years with huge impacts, surpassing its goal of 10M impressions and effectively taking over the drumming internet. 

From the client: “As a global brand, we are thrilled to work with a leading agency right here in New Brunswick. Our people and our culture have always been the secret to our success at SABIAN. Ginger gets that, and we are excited to collaborate with their talented team as we continue to share our passion for music with the world”.
Stacey Montgomery-Clark, V.P. Sales & Marketing, SABIAN Cymbals.