Otto by CAA Atlantic

Brand Identity

Client: CAA Atlantic 

Challenge: Create a unique identity for CAA’s new scheduled car services. The goal was to appeal to a specific audience segment and create opportunities for future growth in other geographic regions. 

Solution: Ginger’s work with CAA represents one of those magic moments in marketing where research, strategy and creative energy came together, and the result was Otto!  

Otto, as a brand, effectively communicates CAA Atlantic’s values while offering a unique and convenient service experience. Through research, deep discovery, and stakeholder engagement, Ginger unearthed this key insight.   

Otto’s service is centred around convenience and personalized assistance, which resonates with CAA’s audience. Their values are tied to meaningful activities rather than waiting for car maintenance.



The name “Otto” was chosen to personify the brand, making it feel friendly and approachable while establishing a connection with the automobile industry. A powerful message architecture was developed to articulate the brand’s core values and provide a cohesive and impactful way to communicate with customers. 

Impact: By leveraging Ginger’s expertise, CAA Atlantic introduced a brand that stood out in a competitive landscape and reinforced its commitment to delivering exceptional service experiences. Qualitative feedback highlighted the brand’s resonance with the target audience.  

From the Client:  “We selected Ginger for this work because we knew they would take the time to truly understand our goals and objectives and help us through the important process of branding. They delivered more than a logo and creative assets; they gave us a visual language to communicate with our audience. When CAA Atlantic decided to launch a new business in the heavily saturated automotive maintenance space, we knew we needed to build a brand that would stand out. Our goal was to leverage all that makes CAA great, while introducing a fresh, new, modern approach to mobile automotive that would appeal to new and existing members. Ginger dove deep into understanding the market, our potential customers and what makes us unique. Their approach was thorough, collaborative, and thoughtful.” Karen Stanley, Vice President, Marketing and Member Experience at CAA Atlantic.