Libra – Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

E-Commerce Launch Strategy

The Client

Libra, the non-alcoholic craft beer, was created by a popular Canadian brewery, Upstreet Brewing in 2020. Although the PEI brewery had already established several flagship craft beverages, a non-alcoholic choice was missing from their product line. Libra offers authentic non-alcoholic craft choices that anyone can indulge in. Regardless of the occasion, with Libra, you can fulfill your craft cravings while finding balance in one’s lifestyle.   

The Challenge

Ginger was engaged by Upstreet Brewing’s CEO, Mitch Cobb, as the brewery was interested in launching their new non-alcoholic craft beer into the Canadian market. For this, Libra needed a strong e-commerce presence that could actively sell to customers coast to coast in Canada. The craft non-alcoholic beer market in Canada is still emerging, with only a few brands to choose from. In order to take advantage of the relaxed market, Team Ginger quickly worked on creating an e-commerce strategy based on product and industry research. 

The Solution

The Ginger Agency developed a strategy that has both SEO and public relations as strong core components. In addition, Ginger developed social media-based ad campaigns to help connect the brand with new customers and to reinforce customers who are already aware of the brand but have yet to purchase. 

The Result

The Libra website and digital strategy were launched in the Fall of 2020, the brand has already established awareness in Canada. Almost immediately after launching, Libra started seeing e-commerce sales coming in from as far as Vancouver, Alberta, and Ontario, as well as regions in the Maritimes. Ginger is proud of the work provided for Libra, and eager to see the impacts of having a delicious, non-alcoholic craft choice to help people find their balance.