City of Fredericton

Recycling Education Campaign

City of Fredericton Recycling Campaign - Digital Advertising City of Fredericton Recycling Campaign - Digital Advertising City of Fredericton Recycling Campaign - Digital Advertising City of Fredericton Recycling Campaign - Postcard Design

The city of Fredericton approached Ginger to assist with increasing citizen participation in the curb-side recycling program. The goal of the campaign was to educate and motivate residents on the importance of recycling. Council has made this a priority item for the city and we were up to the challenge. We set out to leverage our experience in public education using digital campaign strategies.

This project began with a research component. The city provided historical data on recycling participation. We met with city staff numerous times to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges of this type of task. After carefully reviewing the relevant information and meeting with stakeholders, we set to work on developing a strategy.

Given the broad reach of digital platforms vs. traditional platforms, this was chosen as our plan of action. We devised a comprehensive plan that leaned heavily on digital, with a direct mail follow up towards the end of the campaign. It has been proven that direct mail advertising paired with an effective digital campaign increases brand lift and information retention, if the mail is received after viewing the digital campaign.

We created display ads that target specific demographics on sites such as CBC, Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, as well as many other sites. We built a plan targeting audience profiles based on specific data provided by the city. These display ads featured highly engaging, animated, html5 creative.

We also ran a concurrent Facebook ad campaign, employing various ad strategies, such as video, animation, static ads, retargeted ads and Canvas ads.

The campaign ran for a number of weeks as we monitored the progress of the campaign, ensuring that we were carefully managing the City’s reputation on social platforms. We regularly optimize our campaigns to ensure that we are gaining as many impressions for the most efficient cost possible.

The campaign was a success and our testing proved that a high percentage of citizens were engaged by the campaign. This endeavour is an excellent example of our team’s ability to plan and execute multi-channel, comprehensive campaigns targeting large and complex audiences.