Forest Protection Limited (FPL)

Brand Strategy

The Client

Since incorporating in 1952, it has been FPL’s mandate to preserve and protect the forests that sustain our ecosystems, our communities, and our economies. A global leader in full-spectrum forest health management, FPL helps forest practitioners preserve and promote forest health through aerial firefighting, collaborative research & development, training, and aerial work. FPL’s unique set of specializations allows them to champion forest stewardship.



The Challenge

As part of new leadership and a changing strategic focus, Forest Protection Limited engaged the Ginger Agency to assist in the development of a new communications, marketing and brand strategy. The organization is quickly approaching its 70th anniversary and many of the existing elements had been in use for decades. FPL is engaged in a variety of activities that requires careful consideration in terms of public communications. As aerial firefighters, they engage in many serious and often dangerous activities. In addition, they are also involved in modern forest stewardship practices such as the Early Intervention Strategy, where they actively work to limit Spruce Budworm outbreaks. 



The Solution

Ginger worked closely with the leadership team at FPL to dive deep into the organization, its history, and related industries across the globe. While quite complementary, FPL is unique in their cross specialization of forest management and aerial firefighting. 

Ginger developed a brand strategy rooted in the interconnectedness of New Brunswick’s forests, its ecosystems, communities and our economy. Forest Protection Limited is charged with the stewardship of the New Brunswick forest we all depend on.

This brand concept was then deployed over a series of communications and marketing activities, including: a refresh of the corporate logo; redesign of fleet aircraft graphics; mobile command stations; website; updated trade show presence; and a comprehensive social media strategy.